Fleetinsight Expenses, Tracking and 360° Camera Systems

Telematics solutions have revolutionised the way fleets do business and have far reaching effects on both the operation and the bottom line. Fleetinsight’s comprehensive range of  products include GPS Tracking, 360° Cameras and Mileage Capture Systems. All can be combined to create a fully integrated system and all are designed to help you manage and monitor every aspect of your fleet operations.





fleetinsightmontageWith the Fleetinsight GPS Vehicle Tracking System you can manage your fleet 24/7. Live GPS vehicle tracking technology and a web based platform gives you access to real-time information on the location and status of every vehicle in your fleet. You can sort and search vehicles by name, status or category, or quickly search by proximity to an address or customer from any internet-connected device. Call us on 01420 544514 for more information.


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webcompFleetmiles is a fully automatic mileage and expense management system that has been designed to be detailed, comprehensive, intuitive and not reliant on dongles or mobiles to run the system. Drivers can access the system via a desktop or on-the-go using the mobile app to capture receipts and verify automatically logged business journeys. Fleetmiles also allows managers to audit fuel card data for verification of genuine business mileage. Full reporting is available along with an accurate log of every individual journey. Call us on 01420 544514 for more information.







The Complete 360° Commercial Fleet CCTV System combines advanced, innovative technology with the most reliable hardware on the market. Our comprehensive range of mobile DVR, 360° multi-view and blind-spot cameras ensure that your fleet is completely protected. Call us on 01420 544514 for more information.


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