Fleetmiles Fuel Card Integration

Greater accuracy with Fleetmiles fuel card integration
With the increase and recent fluctuations in fuel prices there is now even greater focus on monitoring, managing and saving fuel within any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles. Fleetmiles has a fuel card integration feature that allows customers to upload and aggregate the data with mileage expenses claims data from any supplier. This feature allows companies to build up a more accurate picture of employee business mileage expense claims by allowing fleet managers to reconcile fuel card use to actual mileage.

Do I need fuel card integration?
Most fleet operators are using fuel cards to control fuel expenditure and have access to fuel card reports to monitor and manage fuel card expenses. Reports provide an accurate picture of the amount of fuel being consumed, but it is often difficult to prove which vehicle has been fuelled and mileage discrepancies can arise due to manual recording. Incorporating Fleetmiles data with your fuel card data could help highlight any fraudulent activity and improve the overall fuel efficiency of your fleet by helping to manage fuel card claims and fuel card invoices.

Fleetmiles is the perfect solution
Fleetmiles is a unique fleet mileage expenses management system which uses GPS technology to automatically capture business journey data with configurations which completely exclude private journey data. Unlike other systems on the market, Fleetmiles is dongle-free. The system can be fully configured to allow companies to automatically record accurate business mileage claims and reduce fuel card billing without the need for endless scrutiny or paperwork.

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