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At last, a smart way to control expenses - process your claims in just 3 clicks

How many hours are wasted within your company on unproductive form filling and mileage expenses claims?


There is a better way. If all this were automated, guaranteed to be accurate, and also start saving your business money from day one, wouldn’t that just make good sense?

How about a system:

    • That captures all mileage expenses claims any time, any place & integrates with your ERP or payroll system
    • Where mileage is guaranteed to be accurately captured from an on-board device in each vehicle – not relying on a mobile phone or a dongle
    • Ensures fully compliant reporting for HMRC audits

Fleetmiles puts you in control and saves time and resource. Your organisation could be spending up to 20% more than necessary on fuel as a result of business mileage over-claiming. Fleetmiles is an easy to use system that will help your business to manage mileage claims and reduce mileage expenses.
Drivers can access the system via a desktop or ‘on the go’ using the mobile app to verify automatically logged business journeys. Ancillary expenses can also be added and submitted electronically with receipts captured and uploaded automatically using the Fleetmiles app.
Fleetmiles allows finance administrators to accurately capture driver claims. They can easily view the status of expense claims, drill down into individual claim detail to prevent fraud, and easily configure HMRC mileage rates and mileage allowances to suit business requirements.
Suitable for organisations with

      • Company cars
      • Cash allowance drivers
      • Grey or mixed fleets
      • Drivers in salary sacrifice schemes

To comply with HMRC and avoid fines, accurate mileage expenses capture and mileage reporting is important for your company’s bottom line. Not paying more than you need to, and also ensuring that your drivers are being paid the correct amount for their business mileage expenses can be a headache, and systems that rely on dongles or drivers to capture data can be open to abuse.

Fleetmiles uses on GPS mileage tracker technology to automatically capture and calculate precise locations and actual distance driven. The system automatically logs the start and end times of a journey, based on GPS measurements and pre-configured postcode data to ensure that your business mileage expense management is totally accurate.

Use the mobile app to capture and upload your receipts automatically when you make a mileage claim

Take advantage of the only mobile app currently on the market which allows you to capture and automatically submit your receipts alongside your mileage claim. This is a unique application, designed and developed by our team of specialists who have over 25 years’ experience in providing revenue accounting and image capture services to the transport sector.

Easily manage and audit fuel card claims

Fleetmiles also allows managers to audit fuel card data for verification of genuine business mileage. Full reporting is available along with an accurate log of every individual journey.

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Fleetmiles is non-reliant on dongles. Our simple one-time plug in device stays in place to automatically and accurately record only genuine business mileage.

Fleetmiles can integrate with your accounts and payments systems and is configured to protect drivers' personal data.

With Fleetmiles, trying to accurately differentiate between business and private mileage is no longer an issue. The system is fully automatic and is configured using pre-configured parameters to accurately capture genuine business mileage. Company car and company van expense tracking has never been easier.

  • Easy to use for employers and drivers
  • One-time self-install
  • Automatic mileage capture
  • GPS accurately records journeys
  • Simple web interface and mobile app
  • Full reporting for HMRC audits

Fleetmiles is scalable, you can monitor your whole fleet however it grows.

  • Accurate business mileage
  • HMRC & Duty of Care compliant
  • Accurate MPG reporting
  • Driver & vehicle licence checking
  • Control vehicle expenditure
  • Maintenance & safety alerts
  • Meet HMRC guidelines

A fully compliant HMRC mileage expenses capture system to help you manage employee mileage expenses

Making sure that you are fulfilling your HMRC business mileage capture and Duty of Care requirements can be tough. The impact of fines for inaccurate mileage claims and reports from drivers can be financially damaging for businesses. Fleetmiles provides you with a full HMRC mileage audit trail, so no more nasty surprises.

A robust corporate solution for finance and operations directors

  • HR


  • Substantial time & cost savings compared to paper-based systems
  • Reduced administration through automatic reporting
  • Automated reporting flags up non-compliant drivers
  • Accurate reporting to reduce fraudulent mileage claims
  • Full integration with payroll systems
  • System is not reliant on drivers to implement and control

Full reporting and reconciliation

Fleetmiles aggregates all mileage data to give you answers to all your fleet management questions.


Safeguarding personal data

As Data Processors we follow strict protocols when dealing with personal data. Drivers’ personal data is not stored nor does it pass through our servers.
For your peace of mind we have three options available to define the rules governing how data is accessed. We also ensure that a written agreement is in place with our clients that sets out who has responsibility for compliance with the Data Protection Act. We take great care never to disclose information which may be in breach of the DPA and always seek to safeguard the interests of all individuals concerned.

A new way to manage your business mileage expenses


No data input
Mileage uploads automatically
Personal mileage data is protected


System is configured to automatically record business journeys accurately
Simple reporting & export of mileage claims for payroll

Totally reliable, totally accurate mileage expenses capture

Fleetmiles uses on GPS technology to automatically capture and calculate precise locations and actual distance driven. The system automatically logs the start and end times of a journey, based on GPS measurements and pre-configured postcode data to ensure that your business mileage expense management is totally accurate.


The one-time self install device is fully traceable with alerts to notify of removal.


Drivers can access the system via a web platform which is configured to ensure that all recorded journeys are for business. The system is fully automatic so drivers need do nothing. However, ancillary expenses can also be added and submitted electronically for authorisation.


Fleetmiles makes static reporting a thing of the past. Accurate logs of every individual journey can be accessed with full reporting available on every aspect of the driver journey data.

If you’re looking for a partner not a supplier, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us now, you can talk to our experts on 01420 544 514 to discover how Fleetmiles could bring real benefits to your business operations.

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